Beauty, Superficiality and Lessons from the Ugly Duckling

Superficiality pervades society and the media, including, perversely, which deaths are reported by the news. Is this the fault of fairy tales? Are the Lessons learnt as children, from Cinderella and The Ugly Duckling, preventing us from seeing the beauty in all.


The Great Ant Genocide

A story about an ant genocide that occurred in my house, and the questions it raises about the different treatment handed out to different species, and which animal deaths are accepted by humanity and which are seen as tragic


Mushroom Tea and The Mayan Healer

A short travel story about a Mayan Healer, magic mushroom tea, and a tribute to all those that have died so we know which foods are poisonous.


The Sun is God

A homage to the one true God – the Sun. A God that provides light, energy and warmth to the earth and life to those living on it.