Boycott Cocaine

It’s time to boycott cocaine!
No, NOT because it’s illegal.
No, NOT because it’s addictive or dangerous.
No, NOT because it’s harmful to those who use it.

Because the prohibition of cocaine means that its supply and distribution is carried out by criminal gangs that have caused death and destruction – particularly in Mexico, Colombia and other parts of Central and South America. Over 60,000 people have been killed in Mexico aloneover the last decade as a result of the drug trafficking trade that runs right through Mexico to North America – moving cocaine from producer countries like Bolivia and Peru to consumer countries like the US and Europe.

This is a terrible tragedy that can be prevented. People must make change through social action, through their choices as consumers.

Of course in an ideal world Governments would regulate drugs so that the drugs were not run by gangsters at all – taking the huge profits out of the hands of cartels and putting them into the hands of Governments for spending on harm reduction, education and other services to minimise drug abuse.

But for now, before the world wakes up to the possibilities of a regulated system, the change must come from you and me, and all those across the world who occasionally use cocaine to enhance an evening out.

As we speak, every gram of cocaine, every line that is sniffed, bought brings more death and destruction to the people of Mexico.

Morally we must boycott cocaine just as you’d boycott meat from any farmer that killed their livestock in a cruel and gruesome way, or any company that refused to pay wages to their employees.
The initial solution should be through abstinence as individuals. We can take responsibility as consumers, reducing the profits of gangs and ultimately saving lives. This is until Governments deal with this problem properly through regulation, where at least the production and supply side of drugs is without blood on its hands – and that is more important than some general deterrence (that doesn’t actually work).

Drugs can be harmful – but they are far more harmful under prohibition.

Let’s boycott cocaine!

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