King Leon

King Leon

My name is Leon and I just work up from a long siesta. I was so full from eating that I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t do anything but lie down and rest. Let the food digest and let the day slip by…



They call me Tar. It is short for my real name – Suttar. I don’t care for names though… they are just labels, and me, well I am something more that. No one calls me by my name anyway…



A short story by Miles Hunt with an unexpected surprise about Jack, following his day to day experiences in the slave-like world he resides.


The Frog

A fable by Miles Hunt about a Frog who wanders around a pond meeting various insects who teach him that interested creatures make interesting creatures.


The Tale of the Two Brothers

A fable by Miles Hunt about two brothers choosing contrary lives filled with social interaction and self-reflection, who end up lonely & without purpose.