Hoofs for Hands

The Song following the story of the man born with hoofs instead of hands and his triumph over adversity:

Pill-testing: the safer way forward

Another tragic death at a music festival. This time it was 23-year-old Anneke Vo at the Dragon Dreaming festival.

It’s time to look at safer harm-reduction strategies instead of the archaic, dangerous, and often deadly prohibition tactics that we currently use.


Drug Law Reform

Miles Hunt speaking about Drug Law Reform at Lib Democrats National Conference 2014.


The Feed

Meet a corporate lawyer who openly takes drugs and thinks all drugs should be legalized. He says drug use is prolific across all industries, so the only sensible thing to do is make it all legal.



Miles Hunt tells a story about the day his bum was spooked in a faraway land. There’s a bit of swearing in it – the ‘s’ word – and if you have an aversion to body talk, perhaps don’t listen.


Trance Man

Miles Hunt at the Sydney Fringe Festival where he performed his favorite characters Trance Man and cockney Jesus to wild applause.


Sydney Fringe Festival

Comedian Miles Hunt performs his set as part of the Sydney Fringe Fesitval 2013 at the Bedlam Bar in Glebe.


Ditch the Dogs Sketch

Astonishing press conference in the wake of Greens parliamentary bill to roll back the drug dog program in NSW.